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I don’t get the opportunity to see many lathes - but have spotted a few ones in museums. Not much detail here - but hopefully some nice pictures of the various features



This is a lathe I could really cry over! Tucked away in a corner of the Milestones Museum this is a nice little screwcutting lathe I would love to own. Anyway from the look of it I think its a 1912-1921 Drummond  B type.



Just look at all those lovely change wheels. Probably a bit dangerous too!

It was a real struggle getting a picture of the name plate - but patience (and a better digital camera ;-) paid off.

It reads:





These next 4 pictures were also taken at Milestones museum. Its a much bigger lathe that runs from an overhead flatbelt drive. I don’t know what make or model it is though.






I’ve not been able to get around the other side to see if there is a name plate - but here at least are a nice view of the handles.


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