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Pinhole i-zone

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I hadn’t done pinhole photography since I was at school - but I thought I’d give it a try with one of the many spare i-zone cameras we have collected.

Very basic i-zone based pinhole camera

This sorry looking object is a hastily converted i-zone. The casing, shutter, flash and lens have all been removed and the lens hole covered up with aluminium foil.

The pinhole was actually made with a needle - as sewing pins are too thick. For the shutter I just used black plastic insulation tape.

Its very crude - but did produce some recognisable results. Hopefully I will be able to spend more time on the next version which should improve the picture quality.


Pinhole view of back bedroom


As these two pictures show - even with digital enhancement - quality is not good - though both pictures show recognisable elements. In the above one you can see the ceiling light in the middle and the light switches on the wall on the right hand side of the doorway. The book cases at the back of the room are also visible - as is the junk stacked in front of them. This picture had a 30 second exposure.

In the picture below - the tops of the trees and houses through the window are visible - but probably the most striking aspect is the net curtains which are clear enough to see some of the patterns. This picture had a 1 second exposure.

Pinhole view out of the window

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