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In general cameras are sensible serious pieces of equipment made by specialist manufacturers to take the best pictures possible. Of course some cost more than others and some perform better than others - but that is true of most consumer goods.

However from time to time a manufacturer will produce a camera which is more about fun than the pictures it takes. It may be the way the camera is shaped/coloured - or it may have some sort of fun feature. This shelf covers all the cameras in our collection which fall into this category.

The definition of Novelty & Toy Cameras varies depending on who you are talking too. For instance - I don't consider the Russian
Lubitel cameras to be toys as they are made for general amateur photography by a proper camera company. On the other hand - I have included the Polaroid i-zone cameras as they certainly could be described as novelty cameras. Underneath the toy exterior Polaroid have done a proper job but the quality of the photos from the i-zone certainly come second to the camera's colour and styling.

The main focus of our Toy camera collection are the animal cameras aimed at children. These vary from very simple to quite decent 35mm cameras - but they are designed to appeal to children rather more than being made to take decent photos.

A very popular ‘toy’ camera is the Holga - and whilst we don’t have one yet - an interesting page on it can be found at:

Holga Cameras and Experimental Photography

Here is another interesting link I’ve been sent. This page describes itself as:

The Best Photography Resources for Kids and Teens!

and it certainly contains some good stuff! :-)

A Guide to Flower Photography
Thanks to Fawne Davis and her daughter for suggesting this useful link.

The Evolution of Photography
An interesting site - pointed out to me by a school Photography club from Nebraska (thanks to teacher Michelle Green)

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