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Hello my names Benjamin or BenG for short, and this is my helicopter page and I'm going to take you, yes YOU, through a journey of helicopters.

The picture below is my brother and I holding our Space Centaurs. They may look very futuristic, but they are actually quite a simple mechanism. They have an enclosed main rotor and have a vertical tail like rotor enclosed in the nose!

They are only twin channel so they are quite hard to control.

Rupert and I with our Space Centaurs

This helicopter is a helicopter that my Dad got sometime ago, and we call it the BEAST because it does not stop when you  want it to therefore thrashes into the floor. This helicopter is a two channel helicopter which means that it only goes up, down, and rotates left and right. You can't really control it going forward and backwards.

The Beast

The picture below is a picture of my very first helicopter a Salvation 3D. It is a three channel helicopter which makes it a lot more controllable  than a two channel helicopter. It does not have a gyroscope. A gyroscope stops the helicopter from spinning about in mid-flight, and also makes it a lot more easy to control.

My 'Salvation 3D'

 The picture below is a picture of the Syma S107G which is a gyroscopic three channel helicopter. Gyroscopes are very useful for doing longer journeys with helicopters. The structure of this helicopter is very much the same as my one but in my opinion I think it is more stylish.

Dad's S107G

This picture is of my Dad’s S107G next door to my helicopter.

Together in harmony

This next helicopter is a very nice S026G although we call it the Chinook. It has two rotor blades  which make it that bit easier to control. Just a coincidence that we see real Chinooks quite often around our area.

Cool Chinook!


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