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I’m fortunate to have a small workshop - so I can indulge in my childhood hobby of making things.

Back then - the gap between my vision and ability was so great - most of my projects never left the drawing board. However nowadays - I am actually able to finish things if I put my mind to it.

Disclaimer: The projects described here are of a practical nature. Whilst they have been successful for me - I cannot take any resonsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or its suitability for your use.

The first major project was the 4x5” plate camera which is already documented in the camera section of this site.

Another project which I’ve moved to this section is my attempts to get an old lathe up and running. I’m still working on that but as I have aquired another lathe in working order I’ve put all the lathe related pages under one main lathe page.

On the woodworking front my most recent project has been renovating a
toy train and building a tender for it.

Experiments in
Mechanical Television. Lots of pictures and links.

Repairing old Computers (ZX Spectrums).

Through my interest in computer
fight sims - I’ve become quite interested in joysticks and joystick interfacing. I’ve just added some notes on my experiments/ideas with interfacing to the Sony Playstation and PC.

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