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August 2004

Benjamin may not yet be 2 - but we though he might as well try a camera for real. He has had toy cameras for a good few months now and seems quite happy holding them and pretending to take photos.

Anyway - here is the result when we let him loose with an Olympus Trip 300. This is a great camera for a small child. Fixed focus, auto filmwind, autoflash and a great big shutter button. Its also pretty much worthless nowadays - so no harm if he drops it!

Benjamin with Olympus Trip 300 camera

Here is Benjamin wielding the Olympus Trip 300. he doesn’t understand about film - so 24 shots doesn’t last long!

The picture below is Benjamin returning the favour - taking my picture as I take his!

Benjamin's photo of Mum and Dad

One year on and Benjamin can now handle 35mm cameras with manual film wind. This next picture also shows that apparently big and heavy cameras like the
Minolta Dynax 7000i are not out of his grasp.
Benjamin with Dynax 7000i

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