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Hi, my name is Roland Givan, and I live with my family in Hampshire, United Kingdom. I've been working in the computer industry for over 20 years, and on the internet since 1993. This site has been running since 2000 and is my first WWW page. In the first year we recorded about 3500 visitors - though there were certainly more as many did not come in via the 'front door'.

Photo of Roland

This photo was taken by our young son Benjamin with a Polaroid i-zone camera. The composition is very good for a 2 year old photographer - but it shows i-zone pictures leave something to be desired in the quality department!

 I've been married to my wife Caroline since November 1999. Caroline works as a buyer for a company that makes Nucleonic Instrumentation.

Photo of Caroline

This picture was taken with a Epson PhotoPC650 camera.

It was Caroline who first got me into collecting and using classic cameras. After a couple of years using a Camcorder - I had moved into the still photography area with the purchase of a Minolta 7000i. I was tempted to buy a Russian Fed 4b or a Zorki-4k but thought I'd probably use the camera once or twice and never bother again. Caroline encouraged me to go to our first camera fair where I picked up a very nice Zorki-4k with both 50mm and 35mm lenses. It all really started from there!

Caroline was also the reason our collection has both Russian and Agfa equipment. I have always been fascinated by Russian equipment so that was the obvious choice for me. Caroline however took a liking to the Agfa folding cameras and she started her collection with a mint condition
Agfa Isolette I. Since then anything with the distinctive Agfa logo or Agfa orange colour has caught her eye. I quite like the Agfa equipment too as it allows me to use the medium format size 120 film which I've grown to love. The Russians were much more into 35mm.

Caroline's big interest however is Beatrix Potter, the Edwardian children's author. She is especially fond of "Peter Rabbit". Here is a picture of a Royal Doulton figurine of "Tom Kitten", a character who Caroline also rates highly:

Photo of Tom Kitten figurine

And then there were 3. Benjamin was our happy arrival in October 2002 - and currently leads a life of luxury being waited on hand and foot whilst his parents try out a variety of cameras on him!  Benjamin is a photographer too now. Click
HERE for more details.

Photo of Benjamin

This picture was taken with a Sagem MyX-6 camera/mobile phone.

Rupert then joined us in February 2007 as a little brother for Benjamin. Too young to photograph but not too young to be photographed!:

Photo of Rupert

Mischief is the 5th member of our little household. His colour scheme is quite difficult to photograph - but here is one Caroline took:

Photo of Mischief

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