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Epson PhotoPC 650

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Whilst hardly a classic or even an old camera, I felt I should include this camera as its name appears all over this site! Anyway - our first decent digital camera. Bought partly to add things to this web site, but also to document all the cameras and other collections
Caroline and myself have.

Photo of Epson PhotoPC 650

PhotoPC 650 box front

PhotoPC 650 box back

By today’s standard - this camera is quite crude. Its picture resolution is 1.1 Mega Pixels and it connects to the computer by a serial cable. In the UK they were supplied with an 8MB Compact Flash memory card.

The camera predates Windows XP - but it is still quite possible to use the camera if you have the supplied software and the serial cable (and your PC has a serial port).Thanks to John Homewood who supplied the following info:

I thought you would like to know that both the twain driver and hotshots software work perfectly with windows XP as the original drivers on the CD support Windows NT and by this they meant generally and not just NT4 and so it works a treat with this operating system and is not different in any way from that of Windows 95/98 or ME.

I use the software with both Windows 2000 and XP and all have been clean installs and without problem and also I have had no need to do anything special to get it to work, both install and work great on any 2000 or XP PC.

One point to note is that while installing XP may well complain that the drivers are not supported. This is true - but just continue anyway.

However maybe a simpler method is to pop the Compact flash card out of the camera once you have taken your photos and use a cheap memory card reader like the one below. These connect to a free USB port and upload photos much faster than with the original serial cable.

Cheap external USB memory card reader

Many modern PCs have these card readers built in as standard.

One other option you might like to investigate is the following free software. It still requires you to have the serial cable and a serial port on your PC - but might be useful if you have lost the original EPSON software.The first link takes you to a general page on this software whilst the second link takes you to a place where you can easily download it:

Another useful resource is:

This is the last known location for Epson’s offical online manual and help info. If you go up a level in the menu system there is a FAQ guide too.

Please note - we CANNOT supply copies of the original Epson drivers/CD-ROM/Manual - Sorry.

On a different note - we have successfully used this camera for slide scanning. Click
HERE for more info.

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