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Seagull 4B

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This camera was the first
TLR we bought. It was made around 1965 in Shanghai by the Shanghai Camera Factory. Its a little like a Rolleicord but not as refined. One useful feature is its ability to take 6x4.5cm frames as well, giving 16 shots to the roll. Unfortunately this requires a drop in mask which is missing. Another nice feature is the split screen coupled rangefinder in the centre of the focusing screen. Today expect to pay about 40 upwards for a good example.

Photo of Seagull 4B


Lens Type

3 element (coated) Haiou SA-85

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture

F3.5 (taking), F3.5 (viewing)

Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size

6x6cm or 6x4.5cm


9 speed leaf shutter + B

Flash Sync


This picture was taken with a Minolta 7000i camera.

The best thing about this Seagull in my opinion is the nice clear markings around the lens. From the following picture you can see how easy it is to select the correct shutter speed and aperture. The lever to the top left of the picture is to cock the shutter. This must be done last. The little patch of pink under the word "CHINA" is the self timer lever.

Closeup of Seagull 4B shutter 
This picture was taken with a Minolta 7000i camera.

This Seagull doesn't get used much - but in many ways its my favourite TLR. Caroline finds it a nice camera to use too. Here is a photo taken in 2000 with it:

Photo of American classic car taken at a show in 2000.

Thanks to Demetrios who has kindly provided an identification of the car:

In case anyone hasn't mailed you yet the pink car you have on your seagull page is a '59 Cadillac DeVille.

Quite advanced for it's time. It sported climate control air conditioning, power everything and automatic headlamps.

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