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Agfa Parat 1

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This is an Agfa Parat 1 introduced in 1963 and still being actively sold in the UK in 1965/66. It is a
half frame camera and is the fully manual version of the Agfa Paramat. This particular example has been used - but suffers from light leaking around the back. Otherwise it is in working order. In 1963 it cost (pounds, shillings and pence) 12 19s 6d, plus an additional 1 16s 3d for a pouch case. As they were only made for a short period - the Parat 1 is not common today. However it is possible that examples will be available at quite low prices. Dealers who specialise in half frame will value it higher and will probably want 25-50 for one.

Photo of Agfa Parat1


Lens Type

3 element (coated) Color Apotar

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Film Type

35mm standard cassette

Picture Size



Agfa ?

Flash Sync


Self Timer




This picture was taken with a Epson PhotoPC 650 digital camera.

Section of half frame negative strip - made positive by Coral PhotoPaint 7
Section of half frame negative strip from this Agfa Parat 1 - scanned by SlideScan and made positive by Coral PhotoPaint 7.

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