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The Yashica Mat is a Japanese made
TLR introduced in 1957. Its appearance closely resembles the Rolleiflex Automat TLR. In design it is similar in general to the Rolleiflex but lacks some of the refinements. Although I thought the gridded focus screen was a later addition I now believe this is original to the camera. It doesn't have a rangefinder however. In 1963 a Yashica Mat would have cost (pounds, shillings and pence) 39 14s 7d plus an extra 3 6s 4d for the leather everyready case (not pictured). Today expect to pay about 80 for the same.

This particular example must be quite late as it has the F2.8 viewing lens. Earlier versions (at least until 1966 and maybe later) had an F3.2 one instead.

Photo of Yashica Mat


Lens Type

4 element (coated) Yashinon

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture

F3.5 (taking), F2.8 (viewing)

Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size



10 speed Copal-MXV + B

Flash Sync

X and M

This picture was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 camera.

Enlargement of photo of Caroline on Norfolk coast

Photo of street in Norwich, UK

The above 2 photos were taken with this YashicaMat in Norfolk, UK during a visit in October 2000. The weather was wet and the lighting poor. Film used was Fuji Superia 100 print film.

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