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Agfa Billy Record II

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This is a 1950's Agfa Billy Record II. Its a 120 rollfilm folding camera which takes 8 pictures 6cm x 9cm in size. The Billy Record II is in the middle of the Billy Record range, lacking only the
rangefinder of the Billy Record III. When bought, it worked fine - but rapidly developed a fault where the shutter would not stay set. Fortunately - this proved to be trivial to fix and the camera works very nicely now.

This one cost 15 at a UK camera fair in very good condition complete with leather ever ready case. This was quite a good buy and the normal price for an example of this camera would be more like 25.

Photo of Agfa Billy Record II


Lens Type

3 element (coated) Apotar

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size



8 speed Prontor-S + B + T

Flash Sync


This picture was taken with an Epson PhotoPC 650 digital camera.

Photo of Fleet Pond with Agfa Billy Record II

Closeup of above photo

Closeup of above photo

The full frame photo is actually a digital photo of the 120 slide taken with an Epson PhotoPC 650 digital camera. The closeup pictures are scanned directly from the slide at 300dpi using Slidescan. The area of slide used in each case was about 1cm x 1cm.

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