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Dating from the 1930's, the Voigtlander Brilliant range of cameras is as famous for inspiring the Russian Komsomolets and Lubitel cameras than for any special reason of its own. The first Brilliant was introduced in 1932 and whilst resembling a TLR, the viewfinder did not focus at all - it was just a fixed lens. Initially the body was made of metal and it is this earlier type shown in the illustration below:

Advert for metal bodied Brilliant


This illustration is from the Schering Limited advert contained in the July 21, 1937 edition of “Amateur Photographer magazine”. Within a couple of months of this issue - the new V6 design had started to be advertised.


In the second half of 1937 - the Brilliant was started to be advertised in a new guise with a Bakelite body. This camera was designated the V6.

Voigtlander V6 Brilliant



Lens Type

Uncoated Voigtar

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size



9 speed Compur + B + T

Flash Sync


Self Timer


No details are given for the viewing lens as it is completely unmarked

Voigtlander Brilliant cameras were available in a range of lenses and shutters. The specifications relate the the model illustrated above and indicate the camera was above average - but not top of range.

There was also some some variation in the actual body mouldings. This rather cheaper example on the left below has the rotating filter holder door - much like that found on Russian Komsomolets and Lubitel cameras. The majority of V6 Brilliants have a swing door like that illustrated on the right.

Voitlander Brilliant V6 wirh rotating filter door


Closeup of Voigtlander V6 with more common swing filter door

In 1938 a new model was introduced along side the V6 - this was the Voigtlander Focussing Brilliant.

Voigtlander Brilliant cameras of all descriptions were quite cheap at the time and sold in large quantities. Consquently they are not worth much today. We would expect to pay 10 to 20 for a V6 in good condition.

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