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This is one of the first cameras we bought and to be honest has been rather misclassified on this web site for rather too long.

Anyway - whilst engraved "Zenit" - it is not actually an example of the original 1950s Zenit
SLR camera. In fact it seems to be identical to the Zenit 3M, except that the "3M" is missing from the engraving.

In the picture it is fitted with the fairly common 135mm F4 Jupiter 11 lens, however it was probably originally supplied with the standard 50mm F3.5 Industar-50 lens. The lens fitting is the odd
M39 screw fit instead of the very common M42 fit. Its also worth noting that the camera doesn't have an instant return mirror, so the viewfinder is blocked until the shutter is wound on.

Photo of Zenit SLR 
This picture was taken with a Polaroid SLR680 instant film camera.

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