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Polaroid Instant 10

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Like many cameras - this one just crept into our collection. I suspect the reasoning at the time was that it was a colour equivalent of the Polaroid Super Swinger we already had.

Polaroid Instant 10

As far as I can tell its designed to take Type 88 colour square film. The flip out shield on the right is for flash cubes and it takes 2 size AA batteries internally in the film compartment.

The camera also features lugs for the supplied camera strap. At first glance there appears to be a tripod mount on the bottom - but its not actually got a threaded hole so appears to serve no purpose at all. A tripod socket is not really necessary though as no self timer or remote release feature is included.

The shutter release button twists to lock and unlock - a useful feature which I would have liked on my Polaroid Super Swinger.

In the use - the camera has a standard helical mount focusing lens (Polaroid Polartriplet) with a minimum focusing distance of 1 metre. Exposure is done through an ‘electric eye’ system which measures light as the picture is being taken and closes the shutter when enough light has entered.

I don’t have the instructions for the camera - but a fair description of how to develop a print can be found on the back:

Rear of Instant 10

The above picture shows the handle for grasping the camera to pull out the print. It also shows the instructions which are printed on whats known as the cold clip. This is a removable metal holder which is used to hold the developing print if the current temperature is too low for normal development. More instructions are printed on the reverse of the clip:

Reverse of cold clip

If you are interested in how these sort of ‘peel apart’ Polaroid prints work - then please see the example on the Super Swinger page.

The camera is clearly marked as being made in the UK. The date is less clear though the reverse of the cold clip states 5/77 at the bottom which indicates 1977.

Actually the date of 1977 can be easily be confirmed by the nice box the camera came in:

Polaroid Instant 10 Land Camera box

Its not very clear in the above photo - but on the top of the box is the logo for the Silver Jubilee anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II which took place in 1977.

Siver Jubilee logo

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