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This is an Iskra folding camera from about 1962. Considering the Moscou folding cameras which had finished production in 1960 were based on the 6x9cm Zeiss Super Ikonta, it would be easy to assume this was another Zeiss copy. Whilst the Iskra does bear more than a passing resemblance to the 6x6cm Super Ikonta IV, it is actually very largely based on the
Agfa Super Isolette. This Agfa was known as the Super Speedex in the USA. The name 'Iskra' itself is Russian for 'Spark'.

Because the Iskra is largely a Super Isolette clone and we also collect all
Isolettes - this makes it an ideal addition to our collection.

Photo of Iskra

Photo of Iskra lens/shutter

Photo of Iskra lens/shutter

All these photos were taken with an Epson PhotoPC 650 digital camera.

Apart from being a stated fact in
Princelle - there is good evidence for the Iskra being an Agfa copy. The main reason is that it shares the same lens focussing arrangement as the Super Isolette. In both cameras there is a small 'slider' mounted behind the shutter. Pushing this back and forth moves the whole shutter/lens block in and out. Many folding cameras - including the Zeiss Super Ikonta IV focus by only moving the front element of the lens - leaving the shutter still. Having said that - the Iskra is not an exact Agfa copy. The top plate has been redesigned - and the coupled rangefinder has a longer base for added accuracy. There are also several other minor differences.

Waterfall at local beauty spot

Totem pole at local beauty spot

The above 2 photos were taken with this Iskra at Virginia Waters in the UK during a visit in February 2001. The weather was damp and the lighting poor. Film used was Fuji Superia 100 print film.

The Iskra is quite a rare camera. According to Princelle - only 38722 produced. This example was bought at a UK camera fair from a regular dealer. Conveniently it came with a roll of Russian 120 film. Another aspect of this camera is that without a film loaded - the film winding mechanism will not work. The shutter can still be tested as it is cocked by a normal Compur style cocking lever and can be tripped by directly using the shutter mounted trip lever. Normally of course this would be activated by the body shutter release via an internal linkage.


Lens Type

Industar-58 (coated)

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size



10 speed FXCh-18 + B

Flash Sync

X and M

We've since added a Super Isolette to our collection. Here is a comparison of the 2 cameras:

Agfa Super Isolette and Iskra side by side

Alfred's Camera Page has some some good pictures and interesting information on the Iskra 2 - that Alfred has in his collection.

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