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Jean Loup Princelle's excellent book - "The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet cameras, Made in USSR"

Front cover of English edition

This front cover is copyright by Jeap Loup Princelle/Hove Foto Books, and is only used to recommend this book

This book is commonly known as 'Princelle' and is probably the best book around on cataloguing and describing Russian/Soviet cameras.

Although no book could be 100% complete - if you are serious about collecting Russian/Soviet cameras - this is the book to get. Highly Recommended!

Published by:
Hove Foto Books
Jersey Photographic Museum
Hotel de France
St. Saviour's Road
St. Helier, Jersey
Channel Islands

English Edition ISBN: 1-874031-63-0

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for information only - We are unable to sell/supply this book. Thankyou.

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