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Edwardian principles and practices of Stereoscopic Photography

Old books are great fun - but sometimes you can spend ages looking for the right one. At times like these reprints like “Edwardian principles and practices of Stereoscopic Photography” are really useful as they make available information that would otherwise be hard to find.

This particular book is apparently not a direct reprint of an old one - but more a collection of material originally published around 1902.

The book is A4 in size and nicely bound with a clear plastic cover. Inside are 26 pages covering everything from the basics of why we see in stereo in the first place - and continuing through to the various means of taking and projecting stereo images both for still and movie use.

Along the way many pieces of apparatus are covered - giving the photo experimenter plenty of ideas for different stereo systems that could be built.

It is well illustrated - with most pages having at least 1 and up to 3 pictures. Mainly B/W line drawings/etchings but with a few period photos also.

I did spot a few minor typos - but in general the book was clear and easy to read - and represents good value for money especially as P&P is free - worldwide!

This book along with many others is available from:

Wallage Reprints

Wallage Reprints also carry a good selection of Focal Guide reprints which will also be of particular interest to photographers.

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