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How to make this working Model Oil Engine

More a one off magazine than a book - this interesting little item came my way from a car boot sale. A few references to the war the the number ‘1943’ gives a good indication of its age.

I hadn’t come across Modelcraft before but they were apparently a company dedicated to enabling people without proper model engineering facilities (eg lathes) to make models that looked and worked like the real thing.

The book indicates that pre-war Modelcraft actually supplied kits - but as these consisted of wood and toughened fibrous board it was not great hardship if they could only sell the plans and let the builder find all his/her own raw materials.

One curiosity is that whilst the topic of the book is apparently a  4 stroke oil/gas engine - the model actually detailed is basically a very simple steam type engine designed to run on air. Models like this are still a great favourite with model engineers and tinkerers the world over.

I haven’t build this engine yet - but it is nice to get a full set of plans for something I wanted to build anyway - even though I was actually going to use aluminium and not brown paper!

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