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Fire Engine (2)

First job was to modify the plan. Essentially what I was doing was rebodying the dumper truck and making the cab extend the whole length of the vehicle. The roof of the back part was also going to be lower to allow for a ladder to be mounted between the sides of the vehicle.

Having printed the plan life size - I then stuck it to 3mm hardboard with a very even coating of white wood glue. This was then going to be cut out to use as the pattern for cutting the actual body sides on the router table. I made a spare - just in case I made a mistake cutting the first one out.

Here the pattern has been cut out - and stuck to a piece of 6mm plywood with sticky pads. The plywood itself has been roughly cut around with a fretsaw in preparation for finishing off on the router table.

The photo above shows the rough cut blank being cut to shape on the router table. The bit used is a flush trim bit.

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