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Fire Engine (3)
A selection of parts

Here are the sides which have been cut out using the hardboard pattern. The windows were done with a pin router adaptor and an inside pattern.

The chassis is also visible on the right side. This is just an “H” shaped contruction of 3 pieces of wood. The chassis was use as a pattern itself to size the wood for the internal contruction. The wood was first cut oversize by a few mm before being trimmed on the router table. Doing it this way ensured the wood was exactly the same width as the chassis.

Headlights and Emergency lamps

This picture show the headlamps and emergency lamps as well as the original wooden turnings from which they were made. These are part H7 (packed in dozens) from Hobbies. I sanded them to shape by mounting each in the pillar drill and using sanding blocks like the one shown.

Assembling the internal structure

Here the internal structure is being built up. The pieces are cut from the wood which has been sized to the chassis width. Its still important to get some good right angles or else the toy will still look wonky.

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