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Agfa have made lots of accessories over the years - not least because they have made lots of different cameras. Many accessories are shared between cameras in a range (eg Isolette) or camera ranges (Isolette and Silette). This page attempts to cover some of the more general ones - rather than keep repeating them on each camera's individual page.

For starters the Isolette and Silette cameras in general take 30mm push on filters/hoods.

Lens hood, case and box

The picture to the left shows a nice example of 30mm lens hood. One question I am frequently asked is where to get filters/lens hoods in this size - and I don't know of a modern supply. However many suitable hoods and filters were sold in the 1950s by a variety of manufacturers and certainly at camera fairs are not hard to find. Most filters are UV or Yellow ones so you might have to replace the glass if you need something more exotic.

This picture was taken with a Epson PhotoPC650 camera.

Thanks to Jim Oiler from the US for the following information:

"I've been experimenting with larger 49mm filters which corresponds directly  in size with the outer diameter of my push-on lens hood (Bittco brand). I  have been attaching a polarizing filter to the lenshood with a wide 300mm  rubber band (green vegetables like brocoli come packaged with these in the  states). It holds the polarizer nicely. I have just ordered a step-up ring  from 49mm to 72mm to allow me to try to use my larger filters."

Accurange rangefinder

This isn't a genuine Agfa accessory at all - but is a typical example of an accessory rangefinder useful for many cameras which don't already have one built in.

The Accurange dates from about 1960 and would have cost (pounds, shillings and pence), 1 15s 0d. This was a very cheap device of its type - and was sold by "Boots the Chemist", who I believe are the UKs largest chain of chemists. Boots still sell a small range of photographic gear - though nothing compared to what they used to stock.

We used this Accurange on our Honeymoon trip to Egypt - For more info and some pictures of the trip -
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