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An Agfa Isolette II goes to Egypt

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This Isolette II is a bit tatty but has a decent lens and shutter. Otherwise it is not a very good example and was entirely missing the depth of field indicator from its left hand side (right of the picture) as well as having pinholes in the bellows. It is however the
medium format camera Caroline and I took on our Honeymoon to Egypt in 1999 and it proved to be a reliable workhorse. Here it is pictured with the (non Agfa) rangefinder we used on that trip. This just clips into the accessory shoe and is entirely uncoupled. In addition a simple black plastic lens hood was also used when appropriate. Total cost of this setup (including lens hood) was 13! (about 20$ (US)).

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Photo of Agfa Isolette II


Lens Type

3 element (coated) Apotar

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Film Type

120 Roll Film

Picture Size



 8 speed Prontor-S + B & T

Flash Sync

X and M



Filter size

30mm push on

This picture was taken with a Polaroid SLR680 camera.

In the table I've also marked the shutter as having the 'T' (Time) option. This is actually achieved by using the 'B' (Bulb) option and setting a catch on back next to the viewfinder after releasing the shutter. The shutter then stays open until this catch is released. This feature only seems available on earlier Isolettes like this one - with the screw through the winding knob.

An Isolette II with this lens and shutter combination would have cost in 1954 (pounds, shillings and pence), 20 18s 3d. Today its value is between 5 and 25 depending on condition and where you buy it from.

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Photo depth of field dial now fitted on this Isolette II 
I have since added this Depth Of Field indicator taken from a junk Isolette II, however it is not a very good match. as it is marked in metres whilst this camera's lens is marked in feet.

Picture taken with an
Epson PhotoPC 650 digital camera

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