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2nd Atari 9 Pin Interface

After the success of my first Atari 9 pin Interface for the Playstation/PS2 I decided to build another. Partly because I thought I could do a better job of it and partly because I wanted to have one to use whilst the other was being modified/upgraded.

First step was selecting the Playstation controller to use. This ended up being a very basic looking device marked “Analogue Controller Plus Dual Jolt”.

It proved very simple to wire and due to the fact that each button had its own ‘pull to ground’ control line - no extra electronics were required.

2nd Atari 9 Pin Interface with optional Button Box

Unlike my 1st Atari 9 Pin Controller - I mounted the circuit board on edge. This allowed me access to the thumb joystick potentiometers for future conversion to full analogue control.

Part way though building this board I decided to make a button box to give access to all the buttons on the Playstation controller. I designed a seperate 25pin interface for it so that I could use the same button box on all my current and future Playstation controller boards.


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