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Button Box

Having completed my 1st Atari 9 pin interface - it became obvious that many Playstation games were unplayable due to a lack of buttons. Ideally this would be solved by interfacing PC joysticks with many more buttons - but in the mean time I decided a standard button box would be a good solution.

I experimented with homemade buttons - but in the end used 16 cheap push buttons laid out in an approximation of the standard Playstation controller.

Coral Draw 7 made short work of laying out the buttons and my drill press didn’t have any trouble with the holes.

Drilled lid of button box

The box itself was from RS Components - many years ago but I had never previously found a decent use for it! ;-)

External shell of button box

I numbered each button and assigned it to a pin on the 25 way D connector. Each button was wired to a common ground which was the D connector’s shield. I had intended to wire the 25 way D connectors from scratch - but in the end cut a 25 Way scanner cable in two and wired one half into the box and the other half onto the interface board.

Wiring inside button box

By the time the box was finished I was well underway with my
2nd Atari 9 pin interface board and decided to modify this first to take the button box. This board was of a simpler construction than my 1st Atari 9 pin interface board as all the connections were pull to ground types (active low) and so no additional logic was required for the button box to work.

Completed button box connected up to 2nd Atari interface along with Quickshot 1 joystick


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