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i-zone film in a Homemade Camera

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It was this 'homemade' camera picked up in a car boot sale which sparked my interest in using i-zone film in the first place. Designed to take Agfa Karat cassettes - an i-zone frame would just fit and be much quicker than loading and unloading ordinary 35mm filmstrip. Obviously as this camera is unique these instructions won't directly relate to any camera you might be using. However the basic principles will apply to many of the larger 35mm cameras. Ironically whilst I would probably never have experimented with i-zone film if this camera had taken standard 35mm cassettes - Agfa Karat cameras themselves won't take i-zone film as the film transport teeth get in the way!

Photo of homemade camera bought at a carboot sale

Homemade camera with lens and shutter from another camera - bought at a car boot sale in the UK.

This camera was designed to take ordinary 35mm filmstrip which was wound from one Agfa Karat cassette to another. The obvious solution which I used initially was to feed the paper tabs of the i-zone frame into each of these cassettes and load both cassettes back into the camera. Don't forget - any operation involving i-zone frames needs to be done in the DARK. A
darkroom or changing bag is recomended.

Inside the back showing the 2 Agfa Karat cassettes which are supposed to be used to hold 35mm film strip

i-zone frame with paper tabs inserted into 2 Agfa Karat cassettes

However whilst this method worked fine - it was a bit time consuming and fiddly inserting the paper tabs into the cartridges. I then found a method which achieved the same effect much more easily using a small piece of card cut from the back of a stiffened envelope!

Inside the back showing the card mask fitted

Card mask laid out flat

Once loaded the camera back was closed and then used as normal to
take a picture.

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