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Using i-zone film in an Agfa Isolette III

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Agfa Isolette III is still quite usable as it takes 120 rollfilm. However for a few quick tests - i-zone film is really useful.

Agfa Isolette III - early model with F4.5 Solinar in Synchro Compur shutter

Agfa Isolette III - early model with F4.5 Solinar in Synchro Compur shutter. Click HERE for info about repairing this camera and its shutter.

On normal 120 rollfilm the Isolette takes pictures 6x6cm. For use with i-zone film I needed to reduce the frame with a simple mask. This I made from thin card and it attaches in place by slipping inside of the film transport rollers. A suitable sized hole is cut into the mask in front of the lens to hold the i-zone frame.

The following 2 pictures are simulated showing what you would do to load the camera. This obviously needs to be done in the DARK. A
darkroom or changing bag is recomended. These pictures also show I experimented with a white card mask. In order to cut down internal reflections a black card mask would be more appropriate. I would also suggest covering the red window on the back of the camera with black tape to make sure no light gets in.

Isolette III with card mask fitted

This picture shows the mask in place. In the centre you can clearly see the hole in front of the lens. The card which originally covered this hole has been cut down the centre and sides - and bent up to form 2 flaps which will hold the i-zone frame in place.

Isolette III with card mask fitted

In this picture the i-zone frame has been inserted into the mask and the 2 flaps bent back to hold it in place.

Once loaded the camera back should be closed and the camera then used as normal to
take a picture.

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