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Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold USB

Another one of my boot sales bargains - this was picked up for 1 though I did have to clean engine grease out of the USB plug!

This stick pre-dates the Saitek Cyborg EVO and I remember considering buying one though eventually I plumped for the EVO. In many respects though an equivalent stick and arguably it has a better throttle control. The one on the EVO tends to get pushed forwards as you use the stick which mucks up tricky landings and burns out your engine in combat.

Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold USB joystick

I’ve not used this stick much - and to be fair its button 2 is a little ‘sticky’ from use - but it does show that great game gear can be found for next to nothing.

What it does get used for is Crimson Skies which I play on an old Dell laptop as its not compatible with my NVIDIA graphics card in the main machine.

This stick (and laptop) are also great for playing ‘Fighter Pilot’ against my eldest son Benjamin.

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