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Saitek Cyborg EVO

Until very recently this was my current joystick. It was bought as a replacement for the Saitek ST50 which lacked the necessary number of buttons really needed for flight sims. Initially this stick’s extra buttons were put to use with Crimson Skies - but since then I’ve used it with many other sims to great effect.

As well as 6 main buttons - it has a 8 way hat switch and both throttle and twist rudder control. It also has an additional 6 buttons on the base - 2 of which can be used as shift buttons if required. It also is adjustable for left and right hand use.

Like many of the higher end Saitek controllers - this stick has the Saitek Smart Technology (SST) system which allows clever programming of stick and button functions. This really helps on the older games with limited stick support.

Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick

I really liked this stick - but it started to wear after several hundred hours of gameplay. More importantly the main fire trigger became very unresponsive. The stick went back under guarentee and I took the opportunity to upgrade to the force feeback version - the Saitek Cyborg EVO Force.

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