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I can’t really remember where I got this from – except that I must have bought it new and that for several years it was my one and only joystick for the PC.

I do remember it had an annoying autofire selector just behind the top fire button which I removed as I kept accidentally turning it on.

With only 2 buttons – this joystick is limited in the extreme – though as Atari ST joysticks were even more limited – the Quickshot didn’t seem so bad at the time.

It was in use up into 2003 but proved difficult to calibrate with
MS CFS1 – so got replaced with the Saitek ST50. It was briefly relegated to my older PC until eventually replaced by a Logitech Wingman Extreme.

This stick has now had a new lease of life as its been converted to work as a
Playstation Flight Stick.

I have also found a virtually identical stick under the name TECNOPLUS HAWK+.


On the bottom - the Quickshot has the moulded part number QS-123 whilst the TECNOPLUS HAWK+ has the number TP 123.

I’ve not come across the TECNOPLUS name before - but there were many joysticks sold under the Quickshot name. This one may have been an original Quickshot design - but maybe the stick was just sold direct from the factory in China under a variety of brand names.


TECNOPLUS HAWK+ AUTO fire selector


This picture shows the AUTO button on the TECNOPLUS HAWK+. Its identical to the one the Quickshot had before I removed it as I kept accidentally turning it on.


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