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In general I have placed links on the pages where they are most relevant. However some are fairly general so I've put them here (in no particular order):

The history of photography and the camera from pinholes to smartphones
Thanks to Matt and Adam (and Angela) for this this link.

A Guide to Flower Photography
Thanks to Fawne Davis and her daughter for suggesting this useful link.

The Evolution of Photography
An interesting site - pointed out to me by a school Photography club from Nebraska (thanks to teacher Michelle Green)

MFlenses. A new life in a digital age
Interesting web site complete with an active forum discussing manual focus lenses of all types.

Vintage Camera Online
“Links, eBooks, information about collecting vintage and antique cameras”

Reijo Lauro's web site of his extensive camera collection
Based in Finland - but in English. Large selection of cameras

Sylvain Halgand’s extensive camera collecting site
In French but with automatic translation to English and German. In Sylvian’s own words:

“more than 1200 worldwide cameras. Each one with history, pictures and many informations. More than 200 camera manual's (free download). Ads and forum. A lot of stereophotographs. History of french distributors : Photo-Plait, Photo-Hall, Grenier-Natkin. Automatic translation (English / German)”

This is a very good 35mm compact camera site (in French):

35mm-compact - collectionneur d'appareils photo compacts et télémétriques
35mm-compact : une collection d'appareils photo 35mm compacts et télémétriques des années 80.

Ken Lyndrup's camera collecting site
A large variety of cameras illustrated - with a good Agfa section.

Ron Herron's Mamiya 35mm camera collecting site

Mario Groleau's camera collecting site
I've only recently become aware of this site - but Mario has spent several years building a very interesting site in both French and English. Like us - he collects a variety of cameras - but certainly he has a soft spot for folding Agfa cameras. Well worth a visit.

Camera Mate
Commercial website dealing largely with Leica copies - but also other (mainly Russian) related items.

If you are looking for Camcorder/Digital camera batteries - might be worth trying The Battery Bank. In their own words:

"We have batteries for hundreds of camcorders and cameras, so please call if your model is not listed, we will find it. The Battery Bank is your discount source for hard to find camcorder batteries and accessories!"

and they offer free shipping and handling to the Continental US.

Alfred's Camera Page - lots of Russian and other stuff


Living Image Virtual Vintage and Classic Camera Museum

Marriott World - Classic Camera Magazine

Instamatic Central - lots of Agfa 126 cameras amongst others

Just to finish off - here is a non photographic links which you might find useful too:

XE.COM Universal Currency Converter

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