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Stereo Photography with 2 Polaroid cameras

 I bought a Polaroid SX-70 for a couple of reasons. Partly because having an instant SLR would be great when I needed a picture quickly. Partly because my very first camera was a Polaroid and partly because the SX-70 is such a cult camera. However shortly after buying it - I also found a Polaroid SLR680 at a car boot sale for a give away price, so ended up with one of each!

The obvious use was Stereo photography. The pair of pictures below were taken of the junk in our spare room. The SX-70 was on the left and the SLR680 on the right. I've cropped the photos slightly to make the stereo effect easier to see.

Left hand side of stereo pair Right hand side of stereo pair

If you are trying this yourself, actually any 2 cheap Polaroid cameras will give similar results. Its even possible to get reasonable results with a single compact camera. All you need to do is find a flat surface (like a wall or table) to rest the camera on. Take one photo and then move the camera about 4” to the right. Then take another photo. The first photo is for the left eye and the 2nd for the right. The 4” value is not precise. The distance between the human eyes is about 2.5” - but the stereo effect still works at other distances and using a slightly larger value should make it more noticeable.

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