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Getting Old Film Processed

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Selection of old film packaging

Sometimes when you get hold of an old camera - you might find a film still loaded inside. If you are really lucky it will be partially or completely exposed. Getting old film processed is a specialist job - but fortunately there are a couple of companies which can help:

In the UK:
Process C-22

In the US:
Rocky Mountain Film Laboratory
and it’s sister site:

We’ve only so far had the opportunity to try Process C-22, and the 2 films we sent them came out very well.

The first film we had developed came from an old
Agfa Clack. We'd hoped it might be a 1950s one which would match the age of the camera - but instead it was a roll of Ilford HP5 from about 1980. Process C-22 did a great job and whilst the negatives produced show some signs of age (and damp!) but the film has survived well enough that prints could be made. Here are a couple of frames:

Kitchen scenes 

The pictures themselves seem to be of somebody's kitchen - and are not very interesting - however you never know what you might find! :-)

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