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When we first started buying cameras - I had no real thoughts to repairing them. However once I had my first broken camera, one which was not worth getting professionally repaired, I started to aquire the tools and the knowledge to repair them myself. Having said that, the cost and time I've had to invest has so far exceeded the repair costs saved - or indeed the value of the cameras I have worked on. I'll also be the first to admit that I probably don't have the patience or steadyness of hand - to make a career out of camera repair. The sense of achievement though - when a dead camera comes back to life is worth it I think.

Some fortunate people do get lucky - or have the sufficient technical skills and tools to make a success on their first camera repair. Once such person is Juan Trinidad who has kindly provided much of the information that got me started on repairing Agfa folding cameras.

Since Juan’s contribution we have been very fortunate that other amateur camera repairers have also donated much useful material which can also be found below.

In an effort to help you to navigate easily - I have subdivided the information into various sections:


As some of our Agfas are in need of attention too - I have been able to expand and illustrate this section with more information. This expansion will continue as the restoration work continues.

Needless to say - this repair section is currently heavily geared towards Agfa folding cameras - but hopefully will be of use to other makes. Also as I gain more information other makes and models of cameras will hopefully be better covered.


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